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ItalMesh Expanded Metal Mesh Cladding & Faux Ceilings

Our expanded metal mesh cladding can cover large surfaces with a easy-to-assemble, light & flexible material.

Our ItalMesh expanded metal mesh cladding & faux ceiling products offer a variety of solutions and can cover large surface areas. The material is easy to assemble, light weight and extremely flexible. It is guaranteed to bring a wow factor with a variety of innovative architectural solutions.

The expanded metal mesh and sheet can be used not only for cladding or false ceilings but also to separate and decorate whatever environment.

Our products are able to cover big surfaces with a material easy to assemble, light, economic and extremely flexible to guarantee innovative architectural solutions.

The material used is 100% recyclable.

The colour is not just a simple coating but it’s designed to offer special aesthetic effects making any project more valuable. Besides having all the colours of the RAL colour chart, Italmesh also offers customised and unique colours with innovative effects. The powder coatings applied are high resistant and non-toxic.

Italmesh is always searching for new products, designs and colours and maintains its own research and development department.

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DCA Facade opens the world of possibilities in cladding choices for your residential and commercial projects. Here at DCA we have been working with non-combustible cladding for over 10 years, and with installation partners Australia wide, we ensure the process from specification to installation is seamless for you.

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Expanded Metal Mesh Projects

Caspian Waterfront - Baku

Waterfront Caspian, observatory in Baku, is a construction started in 2016 with commercial destination, spread over an area of 120,000 m ² includes two levels of retail, six levels of entertainment and leisure, and inside the tower area entirely dedicated to bars, restaurants furniture.

Construction of the contemporary form, which incorporates the Azerbaijan architectural forms inspired by the geometric shape of the Sydney Opera House.

The special feature of meshes is that they have been created and shaped one by one to recreate the movements and undulations of flower petals. ItalMesh has contributed to the realisation of the central bulb petals providing expanded metal mesh model Brescia 200 in 5 mm thick alum.

The mesh was powder coated, with a copper colour specially created for the customer. Starting from the known geometric shapes Italmesh team, in collaboration with the clients Permasteelisa, has developed a three-dimensional model adaptable to the project area. Each panel was studied individually and with extreme precision since developed on different Cartesian planes.

Techno Hub - Dubai

The first project of smart city wanted by the strategic management of the government of Dubai. It includes offices, residences, commercial areas, sports and leisure areas.

The buildings are constituted by a double façade, the outdoor one of which uses the metal sheet mesh as a shading, assembled on a framework, Grey colour RAL 9006. The Metal mesh, framed, keeps the interchange between indoor and outdoor of the building, in order to control the incidence of sunlight

Amroc Project - UAE

This project, completed within a military area in the UAE was designed and engineered in the finest detail by the ItalMesh team to create a unique three-dimensional effect.

Small pyramids were created using AQUILA 10 model mesh in aluminium, which was bent and profiled in different sizes to meet the customer's specific requirements. The meshes, powder coated with RAL 7048, produce movement on the wall to create an effect of light and shadow. Thanks to these lightweight panels, there was no need for a heavy, cumbersome substructure.

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