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Rainscreen Brick Facade

Exposed brickwork – in a ventilated curtain facade: Quick and easy installation that is not dependent on the weather..

No gluing, no laborious brick-laying. Fully recyclable and sustainably resource-efficient.

In the past, for structural reasons, the classic exposed brickwork look has traditionally been created by laying bricks onto a stable foundation or gluing them onto an ETICS system, but innovative clinker facades with curtain and ventilated curtain systems are nowbecoming increasingly popular.

  • Simple to assemble by hooking in the clinker brick slips.
  • No mortar, no water and thus no efflorescence.
  • Maximum facade protection provided by genuine clinker against the likes of frost, heat, driving rain, snow and hail.
  • Efficient thermal protection resulting from variations in insulation thickness.
  • System components can be fully recycled.
  • Individual components are manufactured in a way that conserves resources.

Ströher Brick to Click. Clinker engineering, made in Germany

Stroeher brings the beauty of traditional brick facades together with the functionality and ease of a brick slip installation.

Eliminating the need for traditional adhesive and mortar. Also creating a much easier and less labour intensive install that can be completed in a fraction of the time.

The Benefits of Ventilated Curtain Facades (VCF)

Ventilated curtain facades (VCF) are technologically high-quality, economically sustainable facade systems.

The separation of the load-bearing and space enclosure functions from the weather protection and thermal insulation functions via an intermediate ventilation zone creates a highly effective structural design which guarantees the removal of moisture caused by water vapour diffusion or driving rain.

For quick, jointless and durably resilient facades. For protection against frost, heat, driving rain, snow, hail, acid, moss, algae, dirt and mechanical influences.

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For advice or a no-obligation quote talk to us about your upcoming project.

For advice or a no-obligation quote
talk to us about your upcoming project.